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Conversation with... Asher Naim
January 21, 2004

Ambassador advocates for Ethiopian Jewry Ambassador Asher Naim has been a member of the Israeli diplomatic corps for 43 years. His distinguished career has included postings in such places as Japan, Kenya, Uganda, Finland and Korea. In Tokyo (1956-60), he was cultural and press attache. While in… Read more...

Up Front: Game Boys
January 12, 2004

Ask an American Jew in his 40s or older to name his most memorable Jewish experience, and there’s a good chance he’ll say Sandy Koufax sitting out the first game of the 1965 World Series on Yom Kippur. Ask the same man how many Jews have ever played Major League baseball and he’ll have a hard time… Read more...

Mamaloshen lovers keep Yale Yiddish Reading Circle alive
January 2, 2004

NEW HAVEN — Everything is zayer gutt’ Wednesdays at noon at Yale University’s Slifka Center. A dedicated group of mamaloshen lovers, a.k.a. “The Yale Hillel Yiddish Reading Circle,” sit around a long, board room-like table for an hour and a half of reading, serious discussion and friendly… Read more...

I& Big Macs
December 29, 2003

Maccabiah sports competitions were a highlight for many of us in our Jewish summer camp days. Some of those camp athletes went on to compete against others in the Maccabiah Games, and most Israelis root for Maccabi Tel Aviv, one of Europe’s top basketball teams. The association of the Maccabee… Read more...

Students to construct The World's Largest Lego Menorah
December 17, 2003

ORANGE — Nearly every Jewish home has a shelf or a box-in-storage full of Chanukah menorahs. And each family member surely has his or her favorite one. Maybe it’s the Noah’s Ark chanukiah given by a family member when we were born; or, perhaps it’s the silver one presented by the sisterhood… Read more...

Off season fun for baseball fans
December 10, 2003

There’s snow and ice on the ground, and pitchers and catchers don’t report for Spring Training for another three months. Die-hard baseball fans are left to follow off-season trades, watch ESPN Classic or continue wondering why the Red Sox nor the Yankees are the current World Champions. Now, thanks… Read more...

I& Jew-jitsu, Anyone?
December 1, 2003

In these troubles times, with anti-semitism and worse apparently on the rise everywhere, it’s not a bad idea to learn some kind of self-defense. The fact that lots of other people are doing so is demonstrated by one simple statistic: The martial arts industry reportedly generates annual revenues of… Read more...

Two special needs young men active members of the community
November 22, 2003

NEW HAVEN — David Dalnekoff and Jeremy Jacobson are two men on the move. And for these two Westville residents, most of their moves are Jewish. David and Jeremy dont allow their developmental disabilities to get in the way of their jobs, their almost daily participation in their shuls minyan, and… Read more...

New and unusual products unveiled by Connecticut companies
November 12, 2003

Exhibitors came to Kosherfest from Israel, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Polandand Connecticut! Connecticut residents representing various facets of the kosher food industry were among the thousands in attendance at Kosherfest. Some were serving food or passing out samples at booths; others… Read more...

Conversation with... Zalmen Mlotek
November 5, 2003

Authority on Yiddish folk and theatre music headlines New Haven event Zalmen Mlotek is an accomplished conductor, an authority on Yiddish folk and theatre music, and the executive director of the Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre. He grew up in The Bronx, in a Yiddish speaking home. Mlotek’s father, a… Read more...

Conversation with... Ina Silverman
October 22, 2003

Lifelong New Haven resident is running for alderwoman Ina Silverman, a lifelong New Haven resident, is running for Alderwoman of the 25th Ward. A graduate of Yale with a degree in anthropology, she also received a master’s degree in public health from the Yale School of Medicine. She is a graduate… Read more...

Jewish World: 'Like Playing a Brick Wall'
October 20, 2003

Relentless Israeli tennis player Anna Pistolesi, nee Smashnova, is racking up the wins, mostly Howard Blas New Haven Just before the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows in late August, Anna Pistolesi faced the world’s No. 14 player, Vera Zvonereva of Russia, in the second round of the Pilot Pen… Read more...

I& Cybermystics
October 20, 2003

Madonna is not the fist singer to write a children’s book but she’s probably the first to name a character “Bina” - “understanding” in Hebrew. In “The English Roses,” the four other main characters are jealous of the blonde-haired Bina’s seemingly perfect life. And Madonna’s likely also the first… Read more...

Stratford's New Rabbi Hopes to Teach by Example
October 15, 2003

STRATFORD, CT — If you were looking to rent a car or truck in Toronto about 20 years ago, you might have dealt with an enterprising, customer friendly young man named Bryan Bramly. If you were looking for Jewish life on the University of Victoria campus (a few years later), you may have come… Read more...

Harvesting Eretz Ha'Chaim
August 15, 2003

Observant Jewish community in Sunderland to create center for Torah learning, living and farming SUNDERLAND — A kosher, organic farming community in Sunderland is moving forward with plans to create a center for Torah learning, living and farming. Hidden behind a giant white dome and several homes… Read more...

Up Front: Mystery Hasids
June 30, 2003

It’s the Wednesday afternoon before the Shabbat of my student’s bar mitzvah. Jake has been working hard for the past hour and a half, quietly reading his sermon and loudly belting out songs as Cantor Lisa Hest accompanies him on the guitar. Jake is a young man with a range of special needs, and… Read more...

I& Grannys Cheesecake
June 2, 2003

The only time my Bubbeh ever took a break from preparing heavy fleishig (meat) holiday food was on Shavuot. Admittedly, some Jews (mainly Sephardim) do eat meat that day, as they would on any other holiday, since dairy is not considered very festive. Others, to satisfy all opinions, eat a dairy… Read more...

Up Front: Another Look
April 21, 2003

Our small group of campers from the Tikvah ("Hope”) Program of Camp Ramah in New England had planned a 12-day trip up and down Israel and the imminent war with Iraq wasn’t going to stop us. I thought it ironic that the lead story in the Hebrew papers distributed on our flight to Israel in February… Read more...

I& Classless Society
April 21, 2003

When it comes to our children’s education, most of us accept the sad fact that what we get is what we get. But once in a while, we have an opportunity to step back and assess what our children actually know. As was the case when many kids stayed home during the Scud missile threat in Israel, or… Read more...

Ambassadors of Hope
February 28, 2003

Three special needs students came to Israel last week to share a message of hope and support for Israel. Simone Rosenzweig reports: For three extraordinary young men who visited Israel from February 12 through 24, the fact that others were scared to visit now only fueled their desire to come. The… Read more...

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