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Kosherfest 2015: Still introducing new products…after all these years
December 2, 2015

Every year, I approach Kosherfest with a healthy dose of both excitement and skepticism. How can there possibly be anything new in the world of kosher, I wonder? But there always is. And this year’s Kosherfest did not disappoint. Kosherfest 2015 – held in the Meadowlands Exposition Center in… Read more...

For Israeli tennis players, Open closes before it, well, opens
September 8, 2015

For fans hoping to see Israelis in action at the U.S. Open tennis tournament this year, the key was to show up a week early. Three of the five Israelis hoping to compete in the main draw were out before the tournament even started. Shahar Peer, Julia Glushko and Amir Weintraub competed in the US… Read more...

Kosherfest 2014: Where Every Product Has a Story
November 26, 2014

On Nov. 11 and 12, 340 companies filled 400 booths in the 80,000-square-foot exhibition hall in the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J. – all part of the 26th annual Kosherfest, the trade show of the kosher food industry. Kosher is big business. The number of Americans who are… Read more...

Jewish players, kosher food and kippot hold court at the U.S. Open
September 3, 2014

As the Ledger went to press, the U.S. Open tennis tournament was in full swing at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y. This year’s Open, which kicked off on August 25 and comes to a close on Sept. 8, features a number of Jewish players from around the… Read more...

“Walking with the Enemy” Conversation with film director Mark Schmidt
May 21, 2014

For Jerusalem resident Moshe Rosenbaum it is hard to believe that his Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor father, Pinchas, would have been 90 this year. He died 33 years ago – and, like many survivors, he did not share all of the details of his Holocaust experience. Fortunately, however, he… Read more...

Beyond Crown: Southern Connecticut takes steps to keep its community kosher
March 19, 2014

Several weeks ago, Hartford Courant commentator Colin McEnroe summed up the imminent demise of West Hartford’s Crown Supermarket in a brief Courant blog post entitled, “Nooooooo.” “The Crown is not just food. It’s culture,” he observed. Of course, much to the… Read more...

KOLOT — Dad and Dan in China
February 11, 2014

A few weeks back, an article by Dan Blas, entitled, “A Jew in China” appeared in this column (Dec. 14, 2013). Dan learned his article had been published via the Google alert he received on his iPhone as we settled into our hotel room in Shanghai. I am one lucky dad. When your son asks… Read more...

Kosherfest 2013
November 20, 2013

SECAUCUS, N.J. – This year, even the ticket agent in Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal knew about Kosherfest – and that the 320 bus, leaving from gate 231, takes visitors to the annual kosher food trade show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J. Attendees… Read more...

Israeli Arab tennis player, “nurtured” at Jewish school, goes to Camp Ramah
October 16, 2013

PALMER, Mass. — Each summer, Camp Ramah in New England (CRNE) brings close to 60 post-army emissaries to serve as bunk counselors and teach in such specialty areas as dance, sports, swimming, nature, woodworking, Hebrew and Jewish Studies, ropes and krav maga. Campers and staff are… Read more...

Israelis take their place at the U.S. Open
August 28, 2013

FLUSHING, New York – A handful of Israeli players fought for the chance to qualify for the prestigious U.S Open Grand Slam tennis tournament, which began plan on August 26 and will wrap up on Sept. 9. The U.S. Open is the world’s highest attending sporting event, with more than… Read more...

Field of Dreams
October 10, 2012

NEW HAVEN – Even before Adam Greenberg made headlines a couple of weeks ago by signing a one-day contract with the Miami Marlins and swinging his bat as a one-day-only Major League Baseball player, the Guilford native was making the Connecticut Jewish community proud by stepping up to the… Read more...

A classic rock star…with ties to Connecticut’s Jewish community
September 24, 2012

Music fans of a certain age and generation recognize the name Jorma Kaukonen as a founding member of the classic rock groups, Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. Few realize, however, that the 71-year old guitarist is Jewish — with deep family ties to the Ellington Jewish community. Jorma… Read more...

Former Yale student mounts photo exhibition in NY
March 28, 2012

A religious woman with two wigs, a shriveled etrog in an etrog holder and an unhappy expecting couple sitting on a futon are but three of the riveting photos which greet the viewer of “City of Destiny,” an exhibit of the works of photographer Anna Shteynshleyger, a graduate of Yale… Read more...

New kosher restaurant opens in Stamford
February 1, 2012

STAMFORD — Long after leaving public office, Senator Joseph Lieberman, will be remembered for his many accomplishments. Now, thanks to It’s Kosh, a new kosher American bistro at 108 Prospect Street in Stamford, Connecticut’s senior senator can add to the list the… Read more...

KOSHERFEST 2011: Kosher food show features CT entrepreneur
November 16, 2011

SECAUCUS, N.J. – Warren Webber has enjoyed his long career in the electronics business. But nine years ago, he decided to venture into the relish business. “It started as a joke,” the gregarious West Hartford resident told the Ledger from his Warren’s Foods booth at… Read more...

Kolot: Diary of a Bike Ride
June 14, 2011

The Ramah Galil Bike Ride, a five-day, 250 mile ride through Israel’s Golan Heights and Galilee, was a dream come true—a way to combine my love of biking, Israel, and special needs camping. From May 16-23, forty riders from the United States, Canada, and Israel biked more than fifty… Read more...

125,000 kosher products take to aisles at Kosherfest
November 10, 2010

SECAUCUS, N.J. - In his keynote presentation entitled, “State of the Kosher Industry: The Transition of Kosher Foods to a New Level,” Menachem Lubinsky, President and CEO of LUBICOM Marketing Consulting, pointed out just how far the kosher food industry has come. “In the early years, there were… Read more...

Breaking barriers: Walgreens hires West Hartford man with special needs
October 14, 2010

Aaron Rudolph’s drive to work from his home in West Hartford to the Walgreen’s Distribution Center in Windsor is usually uneventful. Having special needs and landing a meaningful job often poses more of a challenge. Rudolph is one of the lucky ones. A story in the Hartford Courant five years ago… Read more...

SPOTLIGHT: Westville senior helps others tell their life stories
July 14, 2010

WESTPORT - Most school children have completed the required family tree and family history project. The project typically involves interviewing relatives, writing a paper, and making an oral presentation, accompanied by old photos and documents. But a second career for Westville senior Stanley… Read more...

Tour de Shuls... Connecticut style
June 9, 2010

Helping to give special needs kids a fun summer By Cindy Mindell For several years, the New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs has raised money to support the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England, one of the first summer programs for Jewish campers with special needs…. Read more...

Pilot Pen Tennis Tournie is part of long journey for Israeli players in 2009
August 26, 2009

Freelance writer Howard Blas reports on the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournie in New Haven - from a Jewish perspective. The tournament was still in full swing as the Ledger went to press. Ezra Academy makes a night of it Ezra Academy of Woodbridge joined thousands of fans at the Pilot Pen Tennis tournament… Read more...

Q & A: Professor Doron Ben-Atar
July 1, 2009

New play addresses demonization of Israel among intellectual elite NEW HAVEN — Professor Doron Ben-Atar’s play, “Peace Warriors,” which he co-wrote with Debbie Pollak, will be performed at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. in July and at the New York International Fringe Festival in… Read more...

"Dr. Ruth" recalls Kindertransport experience at Yale's Slifka Center
April 29, 2009

NEW HAVEN — Dr. Ruth Westheimer shared her experience as part of the Holocaust’s Kindertransport at “Orphans of the Holocaust,” the opening event of the Yom Hashoah-Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration at Yale University’s Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life. Westheimer is co-teaching a… Read more...

Q & A: Prof Ori Sivan
April 22, 2009

Israeli students are more preoccupied than American students, says visiting Wesleyan prof. MIDDLETOWN — Ori Sivan is the head writer and co-creator of “BeTipul” - “In Treatment” - an award winning, five-night a week Israeli television program about therapist Reuven Dagan, his patients, and his… Read more...

Q & A: Dr. Baruch J. Schwartz
April 15, 2009

NEW HAVEN — Dr. Baruch J. Schwartz, native of Philadelphia and long-time resident of Efrat, Israel, is spending the academic year at Yale University as the Jacob Perlow Visiting Associate Professor in Judaic Studies. In the fall semester, Schwartz taught a seminar entitled “Worship in Ancient… Read more...

Idan Raichel Project opens World Tour in Ridgefield
March 13, 2009

RIDGEFIELD — The Idan Raichel Project, one of Israel’s most unique and popular musical groups, kicks off its 2009 World Tour with a March 22 appearance at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield. The “Project” is so much more than its namesake, the dreadlocked, 31-year old keyboardist, composer… Read more...

Kosherfest: The Connecticut Connection
November 25, 2008

While no Connecticut companies had booths at Kosherfest 2008, there were several people in attendance with strong Connecticut connections. Barbara Hodes, who with her husband, Andrew, is the owner of Judaica of New Haven, was scouting out potential merchandise for her Judaica shop. A Kosherfest… Read more...

New Day School to Open in New Haven
November 25, 2008

NEW HAVEN — The Jewish Community School of New Haven (JCS) is moving ahead rapidly with plans to open its doors in Sept. 2009. Founded by Rachel Light and Rebecca Silvera Sasson, the trans-denominational day school will offer a pluralistic Jewish envionment for children in kindergarten through… Read more...

Kosherfest 2008
November 25, 2008

SECAUCUS, NJ — Thousands of buyers, retailers and other food professionals attended the two-day Kosherfest 2008 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J., showcasing products from 28 countries. In addition to 250 exhibitors and hundreds of new products, Kosherfest also included a… Read more...

Biking for the Love of Children
October 22, 2008

NEW HAVEN — For New Haven residents Dov and Nechama Langenauer, this Israel trip will be different from all previous trips Dov will be viewing Israel from his bike, and Nechama will be supporting riders on the Wheels of Love International Alyn Charity Bike Ride. The ride will take place November 9… Read more...

Jewish Players Stop In New Haven On The Way To The U.S. Open
August 29, 2008

NEW HAVEN — For two Jewish tennis players, New Haven is a great place to stop by on the road to the U.S. Open. American Jesse Levine, the 106th ranked mens player in the world, and Israeli Dudi Sela, ranked 75, spent last week at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament at Yales Connecticut Tennis Center… Read more...

Cooking Up a Summer at Camp Ramah
August 11, 2008

PALMER, MA — Finding a four course gourmet kosher meal in Palmer, Mass. is nearly impossible — unless Chef Paula Shoyer is in town. This summer, Chef Shoyer has returned to Camp Ramah in New England where she teaches a “select” group of campers about healthy, mouth-watering, kosher… Read more...

Wesleyan to screen cutting-edge Israeli films
March 30, 2008

MIDDLETOWN — For seven special nights this semester, Wesleyan University will seem more like artsy Tel Aviv than a college town in Connecticut. Thanks to the tireless work of Professor Dalit Katz and the Ring Family, Wesleyan will screen seven cutting-edge, contemporary Israeli films as part of… Read more...

Actor Bruce Altman leads Shakespeare workshop in Woodbridge
March 30, 2008

WOODBRIDGE — When Debbie Roth wanted to make Shakespeare come alive for her eighth grade English class at Ezra Academy in Woodbridge, she had a clever idea: Why not bring in a real actor who has performed Shakespeare on the stage? And so she did - enlisting the aid of Bruce Altman, a veteran actor… Read more...

Art exhibit showcases the work of Dr. Barry Zaret
January 22, 2008

WOODBRIDGE — Dr. Barry Zaret of Woodbridge is as passionate about his oils on canvas as he is about his cardiology research, teaching and clinical practice. Zaret’s work is the subject of a soon to open exhibit, “Prague Paintings and Other New Works,” at the Westville Gallery jn New Haven. The… Read more...

Visiting professors bring a taste of Israel to New Haven
December 19, 2007

NEW HAVEN — Connecticut has an illustrious history of hosting visiting Israeli professors on sabbatical.  Over the years, Israeli professors have come from Bar Ilan University, Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, The Schechter Institute and other esteemed Israeli institutions to teach… Read more...

New Rabbi at Yale hopes to help enhance Shabbat programming
October 23, 2007

NEW HAVEN — Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt, new assistant rabbi at Yale Universitys Slifka Center, has quickly fallen in love with her job and the Yale community. One of the great things about Jewish life at Yale is that you dont have to define yourself here, she notes. There are people who are… Read more...

Chester synagogue welcomes new rabbi
October 23, 2007

CHESTER — Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg is Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedeks spiritual leader, activist, and cheerleader/publicity director all rolled into one. What attracted me was the people, reports Goldenberg. They are wonderful, creative people who participate with gusto. The spirit of the… Read more...

Yale to host conference on Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai
October 16, 2007

NEW HAVEN — Yehuda Amichai lived most of his life in Israel until his death in 2000. Now, the famous Israeli poet lives on at Yale University. Amichais extensive personal papers and literary archive are the first of a major writer in Hebrew to be added to Yales Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript… Read more...

Boston's kosher 'lobster' is Israeli tennis player
September 11, 2007

A kosher lobster has been spotted in Boston this summer. And it is the Israeli variety. Israeli tennis player Amir Hadad is one of five players on the co-ed Boston Lobsters World Team Tennis (WTT) team. World Team Tennis, co-founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, features 11 teams from across the… Read more...

Hebrew School Merger
August 15, 2007

MILFORD/STRATFORD — In two nearby towns, two synagogues plus two rabbis, plus curious young children, equals Yachad, a newly combined religious school. Congregation Sinai of Milford and Temple Beth Sholom of Stratford have joined together to create Yachad, which in Hebrew means together. Yachad is… Read more...

Camp Laurelwood hosts children of IDF soldiers killed in action
August 7, 2007

MADISON — For 47 special Israeli children, Madison, Connecticut is truly a second home. For the fourth year in a row, Camp Laurelwood has again welcomed children of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers killed during their military service. Twenty-eight boys, 19 girls, and seven volunteer madrichim… Read more...

Fairfield man will play in the Israel Baseball League
June 13, 2007

FAIRFIELD — Banking or baseball? Nathan Mittag of Fairfield nearly had to make that choice — between a job offer with a Manhattan investment bank and an offer to play baseball with the Raanana Express of the newly formed Israel Baseball League. Mittag, a recent graduate with honors from Bucknell… Read more...

A historic Ner Tamid for Yeshiva of New Haven
May 22, 2007

NEW HAVEN — Rabbi Daniel Greer searched high and low for the perfect Ner Tamid for his Yeshiva of New Haven synagogue. The Ner Tamid (eternal light), which hangs in every synagogue in the world, is a symbolic reminder of the menorah which burned continuously in the inner sanctuary of the Holy… Read more...

A Day in the Life of a Mashgiach
May 8, 2007

NEW HAVEN — While kosher consumers are enjoying a slice of pizza, a few Oreos or some kosher wine from Australia, “mashgichim” (kosher supervisors) around the globe are checking, blow-torching, and “toveling” (koshering utensils) in the mikvah. In China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, the Star… Read more...

West Haven synagogue to move to Milford
April 24, 2007

WEST HAVEN — Congregation Sinai, located in West Haven since 1929, recently sold their 78-year-old building in West Haven, and started construction of their new Milford synagogue space, located on the second floor of an existing commercial building at 55 Old Gate Lane. Rabbi Dana Bogatz, who grew… Read more...

Playwright bases play on his mother
April 10, 2007

NEW HAVEN — When Professor Doron Ben-Atar was growing up in Israel, his mother, Roma Nutkiewicz Ben-Atar, seldom spoke of her Holocaust experiences. When she did start speaking - “some time after the Six-Day War,” reports Professor Ben-Atar — her incredible story filled an entire book, “What Time… Read more...

Conversation with... Dr. Andres Martin: Yale child psychiatrist edits book of his mentor
March 21, 2007

NEW HAVEN — Dr. Andres Martin, associate professor of child psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine and medical director of the Children’s Psychiatric Inpatient Service at Yale-New Haven Hospital, credits his mentor, the late Dr. Donald Cohen, with his own decision to become a child… Read more...

Yale "eruv" creates Shabbat community
February 20, 2007

NEW HAVEN — Thanks to the construction of a new eruv (fence), life just got better for Jews at Yale. The eruv, which is attached to the eruv which already serves Westville and several other New Haven neighborhoods, will enable Sabbath observers on the Yale undergraduate and graduate campuses and… Read more...

Rabbi Hodakov's Jewish Radio Hour seeks new home
February 6, 2007

Sundays may never be the same for Florence Katz or Andy Bedford — unless Rabbi Yossi Hodakov of New Haven finds another station to host his weekly radio program. Rabbi Hodakov’s Jewish Radio Hour, broadcast on WYBC AM for four years on Sunday mornings from 10am to 11 a.m, has come to an end…. Read more...

New Haven woman creates upscale kosher gift boxes
February 2, 2007

You need a beautiful, up-scale kosher gift basket. What are your options? You can do-it-yourself, purchase a standard gift basket and hope there are enough kosher items to satisfy the recipient, or you can call or e-mail Sharon Salem, the New Haven entrepreneur, who is the founder and owner of The… Read more...

Connecticut teens share b'nai mitzvah with Righteous Gentiles
February 2, 2007

Two young men from Connecticut recently celebrated their b’nai mitzvah in a special way - dedicated to Righteous Gentiles who saved Jews during the Holocaust. Joshua Genn of Greenwich, and Adam Ehrman-Shapiro of Litchfield, chose to participate in the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous’ (JFR)… Read more...

New Haven rabbi goes on solidarity mission to Israel
December 7, 2006

NEW HAVEN — Rabbi Wesley Kalmar recently participated in a whirlwind rabbinic mission to Israel, designed to show U.S. rabbis the status of Israeli towns in the North and South which were ravaged by rockets earlier this year. Rabbi Kalmar, of the Westville Synagogue in New Haven, was the only… Read more...

Healthy and delicious new products at Kosherfest 2006
November 22, 2006

As I raced from my home in New Haven to the Manhattan bound Metro North train, enroute to Kosherfest 2006 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, I realized that I first needed a few groceries. The nearby Stop & Shop in Woodbridge has a nice selection of fresh and frozen kosher foods, so I… Read more...

Milford writer spins tale of 'Murder at the Statue of Liberty'
November 1, 2006

MILFORD — Manny Strumpf is the man responsible for the first wedding and the first murder at the Statue of Liberty. But he is neither a rabbi nor a criminal. Milford resident and long-time Jewish Ledger columnist, Strumpf knows a thing or two about Lady Liberty — he served for 22 years as the… Read more...

Westville Synagogue members purchased vests for Israeli soldiers
October 11, 2006

NEW HAVEN — When a New Haven doctor received an email with a plea for help from an Israeli doctor, he knew it was time to mobilize-especially since the lives of Israeli soldiers were at stake. Just before the start of Shabbat in mid-August, Dr. Arthur Levy, a New Haven oncologist and chairperson… Read more...

Book on Jonah by New Haven professor offers new interpretation
September 27, 2006

As the sun begins to set on Yom Kippur day, hungry congregants know that one “fishy” Bible story stands between them and their bagels. The biblical Book of Jonah, read during Mincha, the afternoon service of Yom Kippur, is so well-known that a Google search of the words “Book of Jonah” delivers… Read more...

New Haven Kollel provides an anchor in Torah
September 27, 2006

NEW HAVEN — Five yeshiva students-from Brooklyn and Monsey, New York and Edison, New Jersey and their wives and children - have moved to New Haven to spend their days learning and teaching as part of the New Haven Community Kollel. In describing the mission of a kollel, which in New Haven is… Read more...

Kosher Advocacy Group formed to support local businesses in New Haven
September 20, 2006

NEW HAVEN — When the Westville Kosher Bakery and Deli closed this past June, customers from all over Connecticut felt a sense of loss. A group of New Haven rabbis and congregants from several New Haven area Reform, Conservative and Orthodox shuls decided to take action. Wes Kalmar, rabbi of the… Read more...

Fans cheer on Israeli players at Pilot Pen
August 30, 2006

NEW HAVEN — Fans of New Haven’s Pilot Pen tennis tournament know about the legendary J-Bloch, the often raucous cheering section in the main stadium for local hero James Blake. Childhood friends and other fans cheered Blake to victory in last year’s tournament, and they screamed in support during… Read more...

JCC/NH opens teen lounge, new caf
August 23, 2006

While New Haven residents are still enjoying the final days of summer, the JCC of Greater New Haven is already thinking ahead to the fall and winter months. As part of the JCC Annual Facility Fix-Up and Cleaning, the JCC will remain closed through Sunday, Aug. 27. The JCC will re-open on Monday… Read more...

"Mixed Blessings" on display at Yale's Slifka Center
August 2, 2006

A Ned Harris photo on display at the Slifka Center. Photo courtesy Ned Harris. NEW HAVEN — Rockland County photographer Ned Harris has an eye for Jewish themes and Jewish humor. In his photograph entitled, “Mixed Blessings,” Harris captures the word “Jewish” on New York’s Time Square news… Read more...

Israelis at Camp struggle with torn obligations
July 20, 2006

PALMER, Mass. — While Israelis sat in bomb shelters in the north of Israel, more than 60 staff members of Camp Ramah in New England - Americans and Israelis, sat in the staff lounge together-listening to the latest news from Israel, sharing concerns about family members and friends living in… Read more...

Kids, Inspiration, Wisdom, Integrity (KIWI): Couple Starts Publishing Company
June 22, 2006

WOODBRIDGE — When Andre Bello met the Battat family in Jamaica, they were the first Jewish people he had ever met. Trinidadian-born Bello and his wife developed such a strong connection with the Battats that they recently stayed in their Woodbridge home to share in the celebration of Sivan… Read more...

Westville Kosher Bakery closes its doors
June 22, 2006

NEW HAVEN — Getting a fresh loaf of rye bread or a large babka in Connecticut just got a little harder. The Westville Kosher Bakery, located on Whalley Avenue in New Haven, was closed for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot and never re-opened. The Westville Kosher Bakery and Fox’s Deli featured a… Read more...

Paintings by Yale grad on display at Slifka Center
June 1, 2006

NEW HAVEN — Most painters use paintbrushes or even fingers in their work. Joshua Meyer, a Yale College (1996) graduate and current resident of Cambridge, Mass., uses neither-he paints only with knives! Meyers uses knives to layer the paint and move the colors around for his oil paintings. In the… Read more...

New Haven Businessman Barry Vine Helps Send Kids to Camp
May 25, 2006

NEW HAVEN — As the summer of 1952 was drawing to a close, the New Haven Register featured a photo of eight smiling children wearing birthday hats and blowing out candles, as they stood gathered around a large birthday cake. The caption read, “Jewish Center Campers End Season with Birthday Fete.”… Read more...

Conversation with... David Margolick
May 18, 2006

Homegrown author inspired to write book on Louis-Schmeling fight David Margolick has worked for the past nine years as a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, where he mainly covers politics, media and culture. Prior to that, Margolick was the national legal affairs editor at the New York Times. For… Read more...

It's a long way from Afula, Israel to Yale Law School
May 11, 2006

NEW HAVEN — For Karin Carmit Yefet, it has been a long, exciting journey from Afula, Israel, to Yale Law School. And the enthusiastic, charismatic 26-year-old female may just have what it takes to become a future justice of the Israeli Supreme Court. Prior to arriving in New Haven in 2004 to begin… Read more...

Exhibit of posters of prominent New Haven residents on display
April 27, 2006

NEW HAVEN — The Jewish Historical Society of Greater New Haven will host “Prominent Jewish-Americans with New Haven Connections,” an exhibit of ten posters by local artist Alan Falk. The exhibit will officially open on Sunday, April 30 from 1-4 p.m. at the Ethnic Heritage Center on the campus of… Read more...

New program to offer intensive Judaic studies for teens
April 26, 2006

NEW HAVEN — Starting next September, Jewish students in New Haven entering grades nine and ten will have a new option for continuing their Jewish studies - the New Haven Judaic Academy. The Judaic Academy will serve as an after school program, offering students a fairly intense curriculum of… Read more...

New Haven Rabbi adds Mohel to his list of accomplishments
April 6, 2006

Rabbi Dov Greer of New Haven has traveled around the world in his quest to become a mohel (one skilled in performing ritual circumcisions). A graduate of Yale University, Greer notes that he was always interested in mila - so much so that he would take off time from his studies at a yeshiva in… Read more...

Educators go on 'Mitzvah Heroes Tour' to Israel
March 23, 2006

When Heather Fiedler, a Judaic Studies fifth grade teacher at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford found out that she had been selected as one of 30 North American educators on the ZIV Foundation Mitzvah Heroes Tour for Educators - a program founded by Danny Siegel — she was… Read more...

Camp Yofi for families with autistic children
March 2, 2006

For the Katten family of West Hartford, Clayton, Georgia was a perfect destination for their summer vacation-though it is not easy to reach this tranquil spot in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Kattens were one of 20 families lucky enough to participate this past year in Camp Yofi… Read more...

Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation purchases new camp in the Poconos
March 2, 2006

The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation (JRF) has big plans to build Jewish identity and community-and it involves a swimming pool, a lake, an arts center, sports fields, courts, and acres of untouched forest in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. According to Rabbi Jeff Eisenstat, director of… Read more...

Prof. Hazan says Israeli politics shifting with the opinion polls
February 15, 2006

NEW HAVEN-With the Israeli elections only one month away, and the situation in Israel uncertain given the condition of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the recent Hamas victory, experts on the Israeli political situation are in great demand. CNN, Fox News, NPR and the Jewish communities of the… Read more...

Wesleyan hosts Israel Film Festival
February 15, 2006

MIDDLETOWN — This spring, Israeli culture will be alive and well in Middletown. Thanks to Dalit Katz and her colleagues at Wesleyan University, students, faculty and the simply curious are invited to the Ring Family Wesleyan Israel Film Festival. The festival, which started Feb.14 and runs six… Read more...

Student organizes 'Songs of Love' project
February 9, 2006

CHESHIRE — Tenth-grader Jochai Ben-Avie was attending a shabbaton at Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel with his family in September when he became inspired. The scholar-in-residence that day was Danny Siegel, also know as “The Mitzvah Man.” Director of the Ziv Foundation, Siegel speaks around the… Read more...

The sun will shine on BEKI bar mitzvah
January 5, 2006

When Tsvi Benson-Tilsen celebrates his bar mitzvah on Feb. 18, the sun will surely shine on Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel (BEKI) in New Haven. Tsvis bar mitzvah project, which involves installing a 6,000 watt photovoltaic system on the BEKI roof, is designed to harness solar power for the… Read more...

Conversation with... Avi Silberschatz
December 22, 2005

Yale Professor talks about his work in Computer Science NEW HAVEN — When Israeli Avi Silberschatz moved to the United States in the 1970s to begin his studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, he intended to major in industrial engineering. But after taking a course in the… Read more...

Bikers ride in Israel to raise funds for Alyn Hospital
November 30, 2005

WOODBRIDGE-When Judith Hess saw a Jewish Ledger article last year about a Hazon environmental fundraising bike ride in Israel, she cut it out and saved it, hoping that one day she too, could participate in such a ride. Recently, the Woodbridge mother of two did just that. Hess just returned from… Read more...

Comedian to appear at two fundraisers
November 30, 2005

On a recent trip to Israel with his wife and four-year-old twin daughters, comedian Joel Chasnoff was called on to perform his comedy routine at the spur of the moment. “Someone recognized me from a performance I had done at a conference in England,” Chasnoff explained. “Next thing I knew, I… Read more...

New Haven area hockey player member of Israel National Team
November 30, 2005

Hockey is alive and well in Israel. The Israel National Team played in the highly competitive Spartak Tournament in Moscow this past August, and they will play in the 2006 World Championships in France (against Germany, Hungary, Japan and France) this April. And Jeff Russell of Orange is proud that… Read more...

Kosherfest 2005 offers tasty new foods for the kosher consumer
November 22, 2005

Madonna didnt make an appearance, but Kabbalah Energy drink did. There were rumors that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would show up, but the thousands on hand had to settle for Kirk Rademaker, as he put the finishing touches on a hummus bust of the mayor. The Bloomberg sculpture was on display… Read more...

Alan Falk paints "artistic midrash"
November 17, 2005

Artist Alan Falk paints what can best be described as artistic midrash. Falks work includes paintings depicting the biblical characters of Adam, Abraham and Hagar and the creation story. His wide-ranging Jewish art also depicts holiday scenes, acts of human kindness, peace, and Chaim Potok. But… Read more...

"The Bar and Bat Mitzvah Across America"
November 11, 2005

NEW HAVEN — Who attends more bar and bat mitzvahs in a year - rabbis and cantors, seventh graders, or Mark Oppenheimer? If the year in question was 2002, the award probably goes to Oppenheimer, editor of the New Haven Advocate and author of the recently published “Thirteen and a Day: The Bar and… Read more...

Urim Minyan maximizes participation of men and women
November 10, 2005

NEW HAVEN — On a recent Shabbat morning, the third floor Zucker Reading Room in Yale Universitys Slifka Center had lots of singing and camaraderie, a mechitza (the divider separating male and females during prayer) n and male and female prayer leaders and Torah readers. While college students… Read more...

"Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad" comes to New Haven
October 12, 2005

Mix one part Jewish outreach with equal parts comedy and irreverence and the result is “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad.” According to Susannah Perlman, known by such titles as “hostess, ringleader, comedian/chanteuse and Goddess Perlman,” the show is a “refreshing mix of comedy, music, spoken-word and… Read more...

Ezra fundraiser will be tour of New Haven mansions
September 22, 2005

When Doron Ben-Atar left Israel in 1979 to attend Brandeis University, he had no idea that his life would become so interconnected with American history. Ben-Atar received a PhD in American history, he teaches American history at Fordham University (following a long stint at Yale), and he lives in… Read more...

The Towers boasts their own "rabbi"
September 22, 2005

NEW HAVEN — In one New Haven synagogue, all members live in the building, some walk to shul, and the rabbi, despite his graying beard, is still younger than every single congregant. Dr. Arnold Carmel serves as rabbi of Tower One/Tower East, an independent living facility in New Haven, with its… Read more...

Conversation with... Paul Reiser
September 22, 2005

Actors based new movie partly on his Jewish family NEW YORK — Paul Reiser is a well-known screen, TV and stage actor, stand-up comedian, author and musician. He was co-creator and star of NBCs critically acclaimed series, Mad About You, and he has starred in such movies as Get Bruce, Beverly Hills… Read more...

Update: Cubs' Greenberg on Road to Recovery
September 15, 2005

Marc and Wendy Greenberg of Guilford were in the stands at Dolphins Stadium in Miami the July night when their son Adam was hit in the head by a fastball in his first Major League baseball game. Adam, 24, had been called up from Double A West Tennessee for his first major league appearance with the… Read more...

New group of young emissaries arrive
September 8, 2005

MADISON — Camp Laurelwood turned into an instant absorption center for an eager group of Israelis last week as the new crop of Young Emissaries from Israel’s Afula-Gilboa region arrived in America. They spent four days last week at Laurelwood of intensive training, bonding, meetings with Jewish… Read more...

Florida teen won Wimbeldon Juniors doubles
September 1, 2005

In many ways, Jesse Levine is a typical 17-year-old-he enjoys hanging out with his friends, listening to hip hop music, playing basketball and soccer, and using the Internet. In fact, it is easier to connect with Levine by email than by phone. Levine and partner Michael Shabaz won the Wimbeldon… Read more...

Jewish players at Pilot Pen
September 1, 2005

NEW HAVEN-In the second round of the men’s doubles at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament last week, Jewish players were on both sides of the net Israelis Andy Ram and Jonathan “Yoni” Erlich faced Justin Gimelstob and his (non-Jewish) partner, Jim Thomas. Andy Ram, 25, was one of four male qualifiers… Read more...

Thanks to Morris Trachten and others, UConn students can enjoy three kosher meals a day
September 1, 2005

When Morris Trachten attended the University of Connecticut in the 1940s, very few students kept kosher. “I survived on tuna and egg salad,” recalls Trachten, who entered UConn in 1942, left to serve in the military, then completed his studies in the School of Business Administration in 1948. Now… Read more...

Enjoy a kosher nosh at the ballpark
July 23, 2005

NEW HAVEN-When Jonathan Fleisig was a boy, all the kids in the neighborhood knew his house was kosher. Now, when kids and adults eat in his ballpark, they can also enjoy kosher food. New York resident Fleisig, 39, is the majority owner of the New Haven County Cutters. “The idea of serving food to… Read more...

Conversation with... Lillian Vernon
July 23, 2005

Catalog pioneer honored by Shaare Zedek Medical Center On June 6, Lillian Vernon, catalog pioneer, philanthropist and Greenwich resident, received the Woman of Achievement Award at the 18th annual luncheon for the Women’s Division of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Lillian Vernon is the… Read more...

Two honored for commitment to Westville Synagogue
July 21, 2005

NEW HAVEN — Two area men were recently honored for quietly keeping Judaism alive in Westville for nearly half a century. William ("Bill”) Ledewitz and Albert ("Al”) Hourwitz have each been attending the daily minyan at the Westville Synagogue for 45 years. “These men truly teach us what it means… Read more...

Camp Laurelwood hosts Israeli children affected by terror
July 21, 2005

MADISON — When Ruth Ann Ornstein received an email from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) last year, she knew Camp Laurelwood had an important job to do. Ornstein, executive director of Camp Laurelwood, and other camp directors around the country were asked to apply to be the host camp for Israeli… Read more...

Kosher Chinese is packing them in New Haven
July 14, 2005

NEW HAVEN — Jews just love Chinese food! With the opening of Kosher Express, Connecticut residents are enjoying a new kosher Chinese restaurant. A glatt kosher restaurant under rabbinical supervision of the OK (Organized Kashrus Laboratories), Kosher Express opened on May 25 in the Amity Plaza… Read more...

JACS support group reaches out to those in need
July 9, 2005

ORANGE — A physician, psychologist and a hospital medical worker are meeting one evening in the classroom of a local synagogue. But this group of men and women is not there for the Talmud or Kabbalah class; this is the weekly New Haven-area meeting of JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically dependent… Read more...

ADL diversity dream teams make a difference
May 25, 2005

WOODBRIDGE - The Dream Team came to the Jewish Community Center last week. But this team didn’t come to show off their athletic skills; they came for a graduation of sorts. This Dream Team of teen leaders from 22 Southern Connecticut Conference high schools have spent the year participating in the… Read more...

For Catholic school teachers, an emotional trip to Poland
May 25, 2005

For Jennifer Kugler, Poland was a logical stop on a physically and emotionally tiring journey which has taken her from her hometown of Glenside, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C, to Auschwitz. And she prays she will get to go to Israel next year. Kugler, a social studies teacher for sixth through… Read more...

They Came to Remember and to Honor, to Mourn and to Warn
May 18, 2005

New Haven Federation participates in March of the Living At Auschwitz-Birkenau, Raisy Sessel of Orange, 12, traveling to Poland and Israel with her mother, Deborah, was struck by the hundreds of shoes confiscated by the Nazis, now in a display case in one of the barracks. Other cases display human… Read more...

Ezra Torah symbolizes bond with Poland
May 18, 2005

WARSAW — Why would 15 day school teachers and administrators come to school at 10pm on a Saturday night? Because the staff of the Lauder-Morasha School, under the leadership of principal Helise Lieberman is eager to talk about and to show off their 250-student day school. Dr. Norman Ravski… Read more...

Connecticut delegation prepares for March of the Living
April 27, 2005

As Jews around the world celebrate Passover, the holiday commemorating our journey from slavery to freedom, Jews from around the state are preparing to relive a more recent bondage to liberation story. From May 3 through 13, about 80 Connecticut residents will join 18,000 Jews from around the world… Read more...

Yad Vashem database ensures memory of victims
April 27, 2005

WATERFORD — Rabbis across the country recently received an important pre-Pesach letter from Eli Zborowski, chairman of the American and International Societies for Yad Vashem. “I am a Holocaust survivor and the words from slavery to redemption’ hold special meaning to me,” Zborowski wrote. He then… Read more...

Works by Rube Goldberg now on exhibit
April 21, 2005

STAMFORD — “Creative Contraptions,” a four-part exhibition featuring the cartoons, sketches and inventions of Rube Goldberg, are currently on display at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center through May 22. Rube Goldberg, who lived from 1883-1970, was the artist, cartoonist and inventor so… Read more...

For Kilimanjaro climbers, Jewish experiences at every altitude
April 13, 2005

WOODBRIDGE - When Avi Bar-Aharon invited two New Haven area buddies to climb Tanzania’s 19,345-foot Mount Kilimanjaro with him, he had no idea it would be one of the most intense Jewish experiences of his life. The long ascent up Kilimanjaro, which ended with 24 climbers from ten countries (and… Read more...

Exhibit shows the rich history of Congregation Mishkan Israel
April 13, 2005

HAMDEN — When Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism and married writer Arthur Miller, she turned to Rabbi Robert Goldburg, the same New Haven rabbi who was labeled a Communist during the McCarthy era, had a 205-page FBI dossier for his vigorous opposition to the Vietnam War, and would later be… Read more...

Slifka exhibit inspired by Bible and Greek mythology
March 23, 2005

NEW HAVEN — When David Gelernter writes, “A painting is a form of trapped energy, like a compressed spring or a rock at the top of a hill,” he sounds more like a professor than an artist. In fact, Gelernter is both. A professor of computer science at Yale University, best known for his “Linda… Read more...

Israeli Ethiopian works with children with special needs
March 23, 2005

NEW HAVEN — When Shlomit Daniel set out for school each morning in Ethiopia, she could have never imagined a day when she would be teacher in the United States. “Many children, especially girls, didn’t go to schoolthey studied at home with the kessim (Ethiopian Jewish priests). My parents… Read more...

New Haven day school unveils new name, new vision
March 16, 2005

New Haven residents received an interesting postcard in the mail recentlya photograph of a girl with wide eyes, a curious look on her faceand a long black beard. The caption, for Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy reads, “You don’t need a beard to attend the Academy. Just a need for great… Read more...

Rabbi Levine will present Wiesel book to JTS
February 23, 2005

NEW HAVEN - If Jews are the People of the Book, then Rabbi Murray Levine can best be described as the teacher, reader, reviewer, collector and now donor of the book. The 77-year-old “retired” rabbi teaches a class for area rabbis at Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel (BEKI) in New Haven and is… Read more...

Study seeks happiness quotient of Jewish day schools
February 23, 2005

Are Jewish day school graduates happy? Audrey Lichter, director of Yachad, the Greater Hartford Jewish Community High School, Hartford venture capitalist Alan Mendelson and two university researchers are trying to find out just that. Prof. Michael Ben-Avie, a research scientist and associate… Read more...

Foundation's new director extols benefits of Jewish camping
February 23, 2005

After 25 years of selling and marketing such products as Stride Rite, Keds and Levi Strauss, Jerry Silverman brings his business sense and passion to a product that lasts many years longer than your average pair of shoes or jeans. Silverman, the former president of the Stride Rite Children’s Group… Read more...

Fifty teens have a 'mifgash' (encounter) in Israel
February 23, 2005

Fifty 10th and 11th graders from across the Southern New England region had a true “mifgash” (an encounter) with each other and with Israeli peers from their Partnership 2000 Afula-Gilboa community during a recent nine-day SNEC Mifgash Israel trip. The teens are participants in high school programs… Read more...

New DJE director plans to expand adult ed, increase exposure of program
February 16, 2005

WOODBRIDGE — Rabbi Joel Hoffman’s physical and spiritual journey has included stops in Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Israel. Now, Hoffman comes to New Haven as the new director of the Department of Jewish Education for the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven. Hoffman… Read more...

Circle of Friends ensures no child shall be left behind'
February 9, 2005

Teenagers in Westport, Wilton, Weston and Norwalk are learning the true meaning of (the song lyrics) “You’ve Got A Friend.” Every week, a team of two teenagers visits with their same “special friend” in his or her home as part of the “Home With Friends” program. Zach Zorfas of Westport spends an… Read more...

Conversation with... Laura Campbell
January 26, 2005

SNEC director builds people-to-people relationships with Israel Laura Campbell is the new executive director of the Southern New England Consortium (SNEC), a network of 13 Jewish Federations in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. She grew up in Orange, attended synagogue at… Read more...

Petition seeks action against ethnic cleansing in Sudan
January 19, 2005

NEW HAVEN — Members of the New Haven community last week presented Rep. Rosa DeLauro with a petition asking the U.S. government to take action against the ongoing violence in Darfur, Sudan. On Friday, Jan. 14, just days before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, members of the community, including… Read more...

Shadow Puppetry: Entertaining while Educating
January 12, 2005

According to a 1,000-year-old Chinese legend, a great emperor was feeling lonely and sad, as his wife had gone on a journey and hadn’t yet returned. He summoned his court magician to locate her and bring her home. The magician, knowing this request was nearly impossible, thought quickly. He found a… Read more...

Music historian to conclude series at JCC
December 17, 2004

It is not easy to define “Jewish music.” And it is even more difficult to define Jewish “religious” music. Fortunately, Boston’s Robert Cohen, writer, lecturer and music historian, has been tackling questions of Jewish music for many years. He has just released a compilation CD of contemporary… Read more...

Visiting Israeli academics
December 15, 2004

From the Land of Milk and Honey to the Nutmeg state Israeli professors have made their way from the Land of Milk and Honey to the Nutmeg State to touch the lives of students of all ages. Private and public universities throughout the state of Connecticut serve as hosts to Israel’s “best and… Read more...

Stand Up for Justice: JCRC in New Haven holds rally for Darfur
December 15, 2004

NEW HAVEN — Elie Wiesel, Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rabbi Hillel would have been proud. The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven assembled a group of Jewish, Christian and community groups for a rally at New Haven City Hall, on Dec. 10, Human… Read more...

Guilford baseball player waiting to hear from the big leagues
December 1, 2004

GUILFORD - For the Greenberg family, Thanksgiving is all of the Jewish holidays rolled into one. “This is our holiday!” says Wendy Greenberg, mother of Adam Greenberg, an outfielder who has thus far played on Double and Triple A teams in the Chicago Cubs organization. “With Adam on the road ten… Read more...

Shabbaton brings Westville Synagogue members together with people with disabilities
December 1, 2004

NEW HAVEN — By the time Jason Lieberman, director of community and government affairs for Yachad, the National Council for Jewish Disabilities, finished telling the story of Miri and the horse, the men, women and children of the Westville Synagogue were in tears. Lieberman spoke of 26-year-old… Read more...

Kosherfest 2004
November 30, 2004

Kosher - tasty, diverse and healthy - is all the rage Believe it or not, there are now 82,000 kosher certified products available to consumers. This statistic is one of many fascinating “impressive facts” reported by Lubicon Marketing and Consulting studies and listed in the Kosherfest 2004… Read more...

Women's Division workshop celebrates b'nai mitzvah
November 17, 2004

WOODBRIDGE — It is amazing how much a group of 15 mothers, mostly with children in the under 12-year age range, can remember about their own teen years. Sydney Perry, director of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and veteran executive director of the Department of Jewish Education… Read more...

Lithographs from the 'Holy Land' on exhibit in New Haven
October 20, 2004

NEW HAVEN — What do Duke University, the State of Israel and the Knights of Columbus Museum have in common? They have all been fortunate enough to host an extraordinary exhibit of lithographs by Scottish architectural and landscape painter, David Roberts. Roberts spent 11 months traveling… Read more...

Conversation with... Gary Greenberg
October 6, 2004

Hamden native writes humorous book for new dads It is hard to keep a straight face when talking to comedian and author Gary Greenberg - even at 1am (Connecticut time) on a phone interview on the set of “The Jimmy Kimmel Live” Show, where Greenberg is a writer. Greenberg, who grew up in Hamden… Read more...

Conversation with... Bruce Altman
September 22, 2004

New Haven actor appeared in “The Sopranos” Actor Bruce Altman has been living in New Haven since 1987, the year he started studying at the Yale School of Drama. He graduated from Yale in 1990. Altman, who also studied in New York City with William Hickey and at the William Esper Studio, has… Read more...

After 50 years, Westville Synagogue hires new rabbi
September 15, 2004

NEW HAVEN - For 50 years, Rabbi Albert Feldman led the Westville Synagogue. So when he decided to retire this year, there were some pretty big shoes to fill. “Last October at our Town Meeting, we identified several traits we would look for in a new rabbi: he must be a halachic authority, able to… Read more...

Visitors can now take the Turbolift at BEKI
September 15, 2004

NEW HAVEN - When Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel’s (BEKI) board of directors met to discuss and formulate “BEKI 2000,” the master plan of the synagogue’s needed infrastructure upgrades, all agreed that the upgrading of the heating and air conditioning was a priority. But what should the synagogue… Read more...

Center Caf? at New Haven JCC closed temporarily
September 15, 2004

WOODBRIDGE — When JCC and community members approach the Center Café; for a post-work out bagel and coffee, or for a tasty after-swim-class dairy dinner for their children, they are greeted by a sign on the closed glass doors which reads, “Effective Friday Aug. 13, the JCC Café; will be… Read more...

Conversation with... Bruce Schoenfeld
September 1, 2004

Connecticut native writes book about black and Jewish tennis stars Connecticut native Bruce Schoenfeld lived in Stamford from the age of three until he went to college. But even while attending Harvard University and through his years in Memphis, where he worked as a reporter covering baseball, he… Read more...

Proud Israeli tennis star Smashnova-Pistolesi to appear at Pilot Pen
August 18, 2004

NEW HAVEN — While most members of the Israeli Olympic delegation will return home to Israel once their events are complete, one athlete will go straight to Connecticut. Even if tennis player Anna Pistolesi, currently ranked 18th in the world, makes it to the Olympic finals on Aug. 20, she can… Read more...

Conversation with... Dr. Steven Kaplan
August 11, 2004

New UNH president has big plans for the college Last month, Dr. Steven Kaplan assumed the presidency at the University of New Haven. He was most recently chancellor and professor of English at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. Kaplan received his BA in history from the University of… Read more...

Talmud study and throwing out the first pitch
July 28, 2004

NEW BRITAIN — What is the world’s record for the most Jews taking part in a siyyum in the parking lot of a baseball stadium? No one knows for sure. Perhaps the record goes to the 400 campers and counselors from Camp Ramah in New England who listened as business manager Joel Stavsky completed his… Read more...

Chapel Haven is a haven for kosher resident
July 21, 2004

NEW HAVEN — When Jeremy Jacobson packs for college, he will be taking more than just clothes, bedding, books and photographs of family and friends. The 21-year-old Chevy Chase, Maryland resident will be bringing along two sets of dishes, pots and pans and an illustrated guide to keeping kosher…. Read more...

Ezra students have fun and grand adventure on class trip to Israel
June 23, 2004

WOODBRIDGE — Rabbi Amanda Brodie called Ezra Academy head of school, Shelley Kreiger the minute the group cleared U.S. Customs. That left just enough time for the entire Ezra community to mobilize. Parents cried with joy and excitement as the yellow school bus turned into the Ezra parking lot, now… Read more...

UNH has Kleinfeld family's Holocaust recollection
May 19, 2004

NEW HAVEN — Ruth Juras was one of the lucky ones. A native Berliner, she began to see the writing on the wall. First came a series of anti-Jewish legislation passed in 1933, then came the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 the year she was forced to withdraw from Berlin’s Sophien Lyceeum school. Ruth became… Read more...

Unique Yom HaShoah program reflects experiential religious school
May 7, 2004

HAMDEN — Norma Grinfeld and Michele Abrams may be the closest things Jewish education in the area has to Ms. Frizzle of “Magic School Bus” fame. Grinfeld, principal of the Mishkan Israel religious school, Abrams, a fifth grade teacher, Rabbi Herbert Brockman and many dedicated parents and temple… Read more...

Israeli and Arab musical duo to create "Harmony amidst Discord" at New Haven JCC
April 28, 2004

WOODBRIDGE, CT — Jewish cellist Inbal Megiddo and Syrian pianist Saleem Abboud Ashkar will perform in concert as part of the upcoming Yom Haatzmaut celebration at the JCC of Greater New Haven in a program entitled, “Harmony Amidst Discord.” Megiddo and Abboud Ashkar met as participants in the… Read more...

Patients at Saint Raphael treated with principles of charity and justice
April 21, 2004

When the first Jewish family arrived in New Haven from Venice, Italy in 1758, there were not enough Jews to constitute a minyan let alone a place for the sick to go to seek medical treatment. But by the time a small group of Jewish settlers from Bavaria, Germany arrived in 1840, New Haven’s first… Read more...

Westville Bakery's babkas will be featured on The Food Network
March 31, 2004

New Haven has a national reputation for exceptional pizza. When Americans from Billings to Baton Rouge watch The Food Network on April 27, they may just become familiar with New Haven’s tasty babka as well. In late February, Phil Weinberger, owner of the Westville Kosher Bakery, received an unusual… Read more...

Israeli most improved player on Fordham Rams
March 24, 2004

Israel has gotten a bit closer -thanks to one tall and muscular man who chose The Bronx over Nepal, India and South America for his post-army travels. Mushon Yaakosi, 6’8” and 250 pounds, from Raanana, Israel, just completed his second season on the Fordham Rams basketball team. How did Yaakosi… Read more...

Spotlight on Michael Kligfeld
March 24, 2004

Doctor has passion for music, teaching and airplanes Dr. Michael Kligfeld is a member of a different kind of sandwich generation. The longtime New Haven resident is proud to be “sandwiched” between a father and a son who are both rabbis. And Kligfeld is a man of many interests and talentsfrom… Read more...

Not necessarily the news
March 3, 2004

Orthodox synagogue Anschei Tapuz has been struggling with the issue of mechitza for the past several months. Some wish the mechitza to be raised, while others advocate for the height to be kept just where it is. A compromise position has been reached: the floor will be lowered by six inches. In… Read more...

It takes a village for temple's real Jewish wedding
March 3, 2004

HAMDEN — How old were you when you attended your first Jewish wedding? Given the costs of weddings, most brides and groups are forced to keep children off the guest list. Children therefore learn about Jewish weddings from parents’ wedding albums, Hebrew school lessons on this life cycle event, or… Read more...

Maimonides Academy principal proud of school's progress
February 4, 2004

DANBURY — Cory Chargo’s pink shirt, purple alef-bet tie, winning smile, and open office door welcome teachers, parents, visitors and the 80 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grades, to the Maimonides Academy of Western Connecticut. Chargo, an experienced Jewish educator and social… Read more...

Conversation with... Asher Naim
January 21, 2004

Ambassador advocates for Ethiopian Jewry Ambassador Asher Naim has been a member of the Israeli diplomatic corps for 43 years. His distinguished career has included postings in such places as Japan, Kenya, Uganda, Finland and Korea. In Tokyo (1956-60), he was cultural and press attache. While in… Read more...

Mamaloshen lovers keep Yale Yiddish Reading Circle alive
January 2, 2004

NEW HAVEN — Everything is zayer gutt’ Wednesdays at noon at Yale University’s Slifka Center. A dedicated group of mamaloshen lovers, a.k.a. “The Yale Hillel Yiddish Reading Circle,” sit around a long, board room-like table for an hour and a half of reading, serious discussion and friendly… Read more...

Students to construct The World's Largest Lego Menorah
December 17, 2003

ORANGE — Nearly every Jewish home has a shelf or a box-in-storage full of Chanukah menorahs. And each family member surely has his or her favorite one. Maybe it’s the Noah’s Ark chanukiah given by a family member when we were born; or, perhaps it’s the silver one presented by the sisterhood… Read more...

Off season fun for baseball fans
December 10, 2003

There’s snow and ice on the ground, and pitchers and catchers don’t report for Spring Training for another three months. Die-hard baseball fans are left to follow off-season trades, watch ESPN Classic or continue wondering why the Red Sox nor the Yankees are the current World Champions. Now, thanks… Read more...

Two special needs young men active members of the community
November 22, 2003

NEW HAVEN — David Dalnekoff and Jeremy Jacobson are two men on the move. And for these two Westville residents, most of their moves are Jewish. David and Jeremy dont allow their developmental disabilities to get in the way of their jobs, their almost daily participation in their shuls minyan, and… Read more...

New and unusual products unveiled by Connecticut companies
November 12, 2003

Exhibitors came to Kosherfest from Israel, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Polandand Connecticut! Connecticut residents representing various facets of the kosher food industry were among the thousands in attendance at Kosherfest. Some were serving food or passing out samples at booths; others… Read more...

Conversation with... Zalmen Mlotek
November 5, 2003

Authority on Yiddish folk and theatre music headlines New Haven event Zalmen Mlotek is an accomplished conductor, an authority on Yiddish folk and theatre music, and the executive director of the Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre. He grew up in The Bronx, in a Yiddish speaking home. Mlotek’s father, a… Read more...

Conversation with... Ina Silverman
October 22, 2003

Lifelong New Haven resident is running for alderwoman Ina Silverman, a lifelong New Haven resident, is running for Alderwoman of the 25th Ward. A graduate of Yale with a degree in anthropology, she also received a master’s degree in public health from the Yale School of Medicine. She is a graduate… Read more...

Stratford's New Rabbi Hopes to Teach by Example
October 15, 2003

STRATFORD, CT — If you were looking to rent a car or truck in Toronto about 20 years ago, you might have dealt with an enterprising, customer friendly young man named Bryan Bramly. If you were looking for Jewish life on the University of Victoria campus (a few years later), you may have come… Read more...

Harvesting Eretz Ha'Chaim
August 15, 2003

Observant Jewish community in Sunderland to create center for Torah learning, living and farming SUNDERLAND — A kosher, organic farming community in Sunderland is moving forward with plans to create a center for Torah learning, living and farming. Hidden behind a giant white dome and several homes… Read more...

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