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Metropolitan Diary
April 29, 1992 by Howard Blas

Dear Diary,

The place is the entrance to Riverside Park at 84th Street, where Joseph Dembo notices a tiny woman talking to her tiny dog. As he saunters by he hears the woman say, “I have enough neuroses of my own, Toby, therefore I can’t cope with yours.” . . .

The place and time: a crowded M66 bus on a recent weekday morning.

Dramatis personae: a mother; her three children ranging in age from about 1 to 4 years old; Howard Blas, who witnesses the scene.

The children are restless, crying. Attempting to quiet them, the mother begins pointing out various sights outside the bus.

“Look, a green truck.” “See the yellow school bus?” “Oh, a police car!” Then: “Do you want to be a policeman?” “Do you want to be a fireman?” “Do you want to be a doctor?” “Do you want to be a ballet dancer?” “Do you want to be a pediatric ophthalmologist?”

Mr. Blas was delighted to know the variety of career opportunities awaiting boys and girls in 1992. . . .

Howard Blas
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