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Metropolitan Diary
April 18, 2005 by Howard Blas

Dear Diary,

We had recently moved to New Haven from Manhattan. The week before Passover, on the first nice day in quite some time, I followed the custom of car owners in the suburbs and went to the car wash.

I was prepared for the sales job that awaited me: the attempt to sell an interior and exterior cleaning package that I didn’t need.

When I arrived, one worker asked, ‘’Are you here for the mats?'’

‘’No,'’ I said, ‘’just a wash and vacuuming.'’

‘’The bread on the mats?'’ he asked.

I still didn’t know what he was talking about.

Finally, pointing to my yarmulke, he said, ‘’You’re the fourth guy today — they all asked me to get the bread off the mats.'’

I chose the ‘’bread off the mats'’ special.

Who knew people in the suburbs clean their cars as carefully as their homes before Passover?

Howard Blas
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