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About Howard

Howard Howard Blas is a man who truly wears many hats. Trained as a social worker and special education teacher, Howard has applied his knowledge and skills in numerous areas.

In a sense, Howards interest in social work and special education came about by accident, or at least through good fortune. In the summer of 1984, Howard was hired to work in the kitchen of Camp Ramah in New England. At the last moment, the camp director called to ask if Howard would consider making a switch to the Tikvah Program, where he would live and work in a bunk with campers with special needs. Instantly, it was goodbye kitchen, hello career move! Howard enjoyed the work very much and was inspired by his assistant division head to enroll in graduate school in a dual Social Work/Special Education Master's degree program.

Howard continued coming to camp for many summers, working in the Tikvah Program as counselor, division head and acting director for several years.

Howard has worked as a psychiatric social worker on the child psychiatry unit of a Manhattan hospital and in a day care center, and taught at a school for children with learning disabilities. He has tutored Jewish children, many with special learning issues, for Bar- and Bat-Mitzvah. He has written a number of articles about parenting for such publications as Manhattan's ParentGuide, Family Photo, Time Out New York, and various Jewish publications across the country, including the St. Louis Jewish Light, the San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Baltimore Jewish Times and the New York Jewish Week. Howard also wrote a series of six parenting articles for a Jewish Journal of Youngstowns, Ohio.

His first article, published in December, 1993, was entitled, "The Balancing Act: How Local Couples Juggle Kids and Careers" (12/93). Other articles included: "Taxi Taxi: Getting around New York City with a Baby" (1/94), "Views from the Sandbox: A guide to Manhattan's Playgrounds" (7/94), and others.

Howard turned several of his observations about New York City into Metropolitan Diaries published in the New York Times, and he published a short story about dogs in Manhattan for, Dogs Tales, a part of the Travelers Tales series of books.

Howard is a freelance writer who contributes regularly to such publications as the Connecticut Jewish Ledger, The Jerusalem Report, and The Jerusalem Post.

Howard lives in New York. He continues to teach Jewish Studies, write, and direct the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England.