Accessible Together: The Conquering of Mount Kilimanjaro with Paraplegia and Other Different Abilities

Wednesday, July 8, at 8 PM EDT

People with disabilities face many personal mountains to climb every day, some visible, but many hidden. They are no different than anyone else, with the same dreams, desires, and hopes, including bucket lists. Mount Kilimanjaro is on many people’s bucket lists. 
Together, 27 people used both their collective physical and mental strength, diverse abilities, musical/dancing skills, and senses of humor to make each inch of Kilimanjaro Accessible Together!
Join us to hear their story, the impact it has had on improving the lives of people with different abilities, and the incredibly positive effect it has had on the accomplishments of the State of Israel.

Moderated by:

Jamie Lassner ’82, Executive Director of Friends of Access Israel andparent of Ramaz alumni


  • Howard Blas, Parent of Ramaz alumni
  • Mara Lassner, Parent of Ramaz alumni
  • Joey Sokol ’89, Ramaz current parent


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