A Refreshing Taste of Palmer (and Kazakhstan) in Central Park

As you can imagine, the days leading up to camp are exciting and action packed.  For the Tikvah Director, who doesn’t work out of the camp office, there is no period of packing up the office and moving to Palmer. So, when the office is in transition, my computer is still on and with me. And I receive many calls from Tikvah (and even non-Tikvah) families seeking information from a person about bus departures, luggage tags, etc.  But, for the most part, I am putting finishing touches on the Tikvah Program and the Inclusion Programs for Kayitz, 2010. It is crunch time!

This week alone, I met with Ariella, our rosh edah, sent out Tikvah bunking, interviewed an out of state Tikvah family (at an NYC kosher bagel and pizza store!), spoke with counselors, a newspaper reporter and a funder, did tons of paper work, and wrote and answered hundreds of emails.  You know it is countdown time when emails sent to my camp colleagues Ed, Davey, Josh, Rhonda, Hagit, Erica, etc–are returned instantly even at 11 pm!

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