Valeria aeuroeleraaeur Patiuk: Israel Ertms next Shahar Peer?

Original Article Published on The Jerusalem Post

In many ways, she is a typical Israeli teenager she wears nail polish on her fingers (pink) and toes (blue), listens to Rihanna, and has an active Facebook life. Her friends write comments like, Miss you when are you coming back to school? Valeria Patiuk misses them too, but the 15-year-old, who was born in Ukraine and moved to Israel at age one, is a busy young woman these days.

Lera, as she is known, came back recently from an amazing run at the US Open. She played impressively in both the juniors singles and doubles tournaments. Some say she is the next Shahar Peer! Lera not only admires Peer, she also played on the same Fed Cup team as Peer, where Israel defeated Bulgaria 2-1 in a February, 2011 competition in Eilat.

Her coach Asaf Yamin very much believes in Lera. She is unique dedicated, serious, intense, likes to practice, and enjoys what she does! Yamin is hopeful that as she plays more at this high level, she will rise up the ranks of professional tennis. She is currently ranked 708 in the world for singles and 848 for doubles.

Luckily, this girl remains humble. Lera attends school, where she likes math. She loves candy, ice cream and anything sweet, and she adores her grandmother’s cooking. Keep an eye on this smiley, good natured tennis player you will be hearing a lot more about her!

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