‘Camp Kveller’ Will Help With All Your Questions and Concerns About Jewish Summer Camp

At this unprecedented moment, there are so many new things to figure out. How do we keep our kids entertained, and happy? How do we explain to them that the camp they were so looking for is now canceled? How can we continue to support our cherished summer camps, and are there ways to recreate some semblance of camp spirit at home? Most of all, how are we parents expected to survive an entire summer without childcare?

These are not easy questions, but we are here to help you find the answers with a brand-new series called Camp Kveller. And no, it’s not an actual camp. Rather, it’s a series of live, informative talks to help parents navigate this stressful time and generate ideas for formulating a Plan B (or C, or D…)

This series of helpful talks will be hosted by Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, who is the former Rosh Moshava (Head of Camp) at Pennsylvania’s Camp Stone and, believe it or not, has an actual Ph.D. in camp!

Every Thursday, Sharon will be leading a discussion with one or more camp experts, helping us answer all your pressing questions about the strange summer ahead. She’ll talk to child psychologists, camp officials, and other experts — and it’s all going live on Kveller’s Facebook page, so we welcome your questions and input, too!

On Thursday, July 2, at 12 PM EDT, Howard Blas, the national Ramah Tikvah director will talk about differentiating in a camp settings with Dori Frumin Kirshner the executive director of Matan.

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