Color Our Town

Color Our Town Press
200 E 71st Street
New York, NY 10021
owner: Jake Rose
for questions: email , or call at 646-388-2072

Color Our Town provides coloring books, calendars, maps, notecards, gift cards, and custom artwork.

From Website:

Founded in 2017 by Jake Rose, Color Our Town provides its customers ‘History with an Artistic Flair’. Through his passion for architecture and photography, Jake created a series of coloring books depicting the beauty and unique character of big cities and small towns across America through their recognizable locales and historical landmarks.
What makes this series so unique is the collaboration Jake has with artists from around the world, translating his own photographs into exquisite line and color drawings, each accompanied by his in-depth historical descriptions.
Color Our Town Press celebrates communities, art & architecture, and photography. Jake, joined by his dad Ron, enjoys creating a wonderful experience from beginning to end. For those wanting to explore different cities & towns across the nation, welcome to the community!

Meeting with Jake, the Founder:

I initially met Jake through his participation on an Israel trip where I served as group leader. As I got to know Jake during the trip, I learned that he is an entrepreneur and an incredibly interesting young man. He graduated college with degrees in history and American Studies. Jake wrote his first book in 2016 while a senior in college “to celebrate the town of Greenport, New York,” where he spends his summers. and launched the book at a benefit to support the charity C.A.S.T. In 2017, after he graduated from Drew University, Jake started his business by creating coloring books of the Hamptons, the North Fork of Long Island, and of New You City. His Color Our Town Collection of coloring books includes 7 books on NYC, including Color NYC Landmarks, Color Central Park, Color NYC Museums and Color Brooklyn. He has expanded beyond New York, producing books on Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami, Newport, Rhode Island, and New Orleans. He has expanded his artistic products to include beautifully illustrated calendars, maps and notecards. Jake recently added stylish products including tote bags, fabric masks, and t-shirts. With 25 books authored to date and an expanding line of artistic products, there appears to be no end in sight! Most products are manufactured in Hauppauge, NY.

Lessons Learned/Challenges/Advice:

  • Be organized. Use a work journal for daily tasks.
  • Maintain good relationships with your customers.
  • Selling is challenging. Do your best to have fun with it.
  • It is important to follow up with customers and partners (sellers).
  • Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Always look out for the next project!.
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