Andrew Komarow: Planning Across the Spectrum

Phone: 855-AUTISM-2

I was introduced to Andrew through a very trusted colleague who said I “must” meet Andrew.  She was right, and I have chosen to be the first person I will profile in my new website feature, “Disability Difference Makers.”  I will be writing about people, programs and organizations I have been privileged to meet.

Andrew lives in Connecticut and is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP™) Certified Neurodiversity Professional (CNP®). Something very special sets Andrew apart from other financial planners—he reports that he received his Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis as an adult and immediately knew that he wanted to do something to work with the special needs community to provide answers and security in the financial world.  Andrew is the Founder of Planning Across the Spectrum and specializes in helping any self-advocating client or family with autism and intellectual disabilities.   He proudly reports that he “provides a unique planning perspective for those with special needs, their caregivers, and their families” because he has “walked in their shoes.”

I admire Andrew’s technical know-how, his ability to come up with creative solutions to complex problems, and his generosity with his time and expertise.  He is also a mensch.  Andrews has hired a number of neurodiverse individuals for his team, and they continue to do amazing work creating what I consider to be the definitive calendar of daily disability events across the country (, and doing a lot of his firms videos and graphics work. Andre shares useful free resources including healthcare planning, money skills, ABLE accounts, transportation and driving and more.  One of my favorites is: where Andrew makes the case for why it is almost always better to work than to not—he knows that SO many families worry they will be jeopardizing benefits by working. 

Check out the amazing work of Andrew and his team!


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