Kosherfest: The Connecticut Connection

While no Connecticut companies had booths at Kosherfest 2008, there were several people in attendance with strong Connecticut connections.

Barbara Hodes, who with her husband, Andrew, is the owner of Judaica of New Haven, was scouting out potential merchandise for her Judaica shop. A Kosherfest regular, Hodes noticed a surplus of new wines and fruit drinks.

Rabbi Mosha Epstein, director of Kashrus Care at the Jewish Home for the Elderly of Briddgeport, was speaking to vendors and sampling products he felt would be appropriate for the Homes’ 400-plus residents. He patiently showed off some of his “finds,” including Schmerling’s of Switzerland light cheeses, no-sugar chocolates, and lactose free desserts.

At the Shanon Road booth, the company’s gregarious Chief Operating Officer Moshe Sonnenschein was giving out ice cream scoopers and free samples of his pareve ice cream. Sonnenschein’s Connecticut connection includes two brothers who live in Waterbury –including Rabbi Yosef Sonnenschein of B’nai Shalom Synagogue in Waterbury.

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