A Wonderful Tikvah Trip to Israel

It is always difficult to pinpoint the highlight of any visit to Israel. For ten Tikvah Program participants and alumni, who participated with Tikvah Director Howard Blas and two madrichim on a recent ten-day Tikvah Ramah Israel Program, all would likely agree that seeing camp friends ranks near the top of the list! Of course, picking red hot chili peppers for the poor in Renana, riding a 17 passenger golf cart through the rain at Agmon Hahuleh, playing with kangaroos at GanGaroo, joining thousands for Friday night davening at the Kotel, and covering ourselves in Dead Sea mud were also special — but seeing our camp friends was extraordinary.

We appreciated Yedida and Uri Tzivoni’s offer to have our farewell dinner at their home, as we have on our previous three trips. However, the situation in Gaza forced us to reroute from Emunin to Tel Aviv. Our Amitzim “Brave Ones” were truly brave during the first days of the Gaza Conflict. The Tzivonis (including Yoav), Ron Im HaZakan from Nagarut, Shani Lachmish, and many other mishlachat friends came to see us off at a very lovely Tel Aviv restaurant.

Israel is truly an amazing place. But nothing beats our very special Ramah New England friends!

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