Update on Uriel’s T-Shirt Project: The “Village” Comes Together In Support!

Imagine this rookie blogger’s excitement after learning that 246 people had visited his most recent blogpost—in under 24 hours.  The excitement intensified when I realized that the blog was yesterdays’ spotlight on Uriel Levitt, the Tikvah Ramah New England Voc Ed participant who has designed a t-shirt, with the creative slogan, “Earth Strong:  Holding Each Other in Our Hearts.” A large percentage of the proceeds going to four organizations Uriel and his family care about.

I am delighted to see how sales have skyrocketed. Mother, Dina, writes, “Before you posted the blog, we were around 56 I think. When Uriel went to bed last night, we were close to 80. This morning, we are past 100!!.”

Father Matt’s colleague purchased a shirt, and Dina’s high school friend bought.  Ramah friends purchased shirts, posted nice comments on Facebook, and encouraged other friends to do the same.  It worked!

Dina was pleased with the orders—and the “really sweet comments”

“Awesome job Uriel!”

“Ordered! What a beautiful thing to do!

“What a beautiful spirit Uriel has, and also great talent. I will be very proud to wear a T shirt with his artwork on it!”

The Levitt’s remind everyone that 50% of Uriel’s profits are going to the incredible organizations that have provided meaningful activities and community for Uriel during this challenging time.  “Thank you to Camp Ramah NE, VisAbility Art Lab, Spirit Club, and Friendship Circle of MD for all you do for Uriel.” There is still time to order!  We are placing the order for the t-shirts on Sunday.  (there is a link to order within the blog  below):


The Ramah community, and friends of Uriel and the Levitt’s have come together as all good villages do—to show their love and support—and to offer ideas of what to do during these difficult times—both to engage creatively and to give back!

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