The Summer of the Above Ground Pool

I recently asked a camp colleague what she and her young children are doing this summer, now that the 8-week overnight camp program she directs is not happening.  “We bought a $400 above ground pool and are hoping for the best!” She is certainly not alone.   It seems the above ground pool has made a comeback.

A recent New York Times article was entitled, “Hoping to Buy an Above ground Pool to Salvage Summer? It May Be Too Late:  The hunt for pools is fierce as homeowners search for ways to stay cool in the safety of their backyards.”

A similar article was entitled, “Coronavirus: Sales of above-ground pools, RVs spike as people seek summer alternatives.”

Finally, “Backyard pool sales booming as coronavirus keeps us stuck at home this summer.”

A few things I learned from these articles:

-Sheri Neuberger, the office manager of Metro Pools in Kinnelon, said the requests for new in-ground pools have been pouring in. They usually do about 30 pools a season, but so far they’ve received about 1,000 requests for a price.

-Scott Clark, of Somertime Pool and Spa in Millville, said requests for above-ground pools have increased about 30% in recent weeks. He chalks that up to families receiving their stimulus checks, and the ease of selling a pool over the phone.

As I have written in previous posts, families with children of nearly every age are in a bind this summer.  Very few overnight (and day) camps are operating, few jobs or internships are available, and most people don’t have the time or inclination to drive an RV cross country.  And no parent wants their child indoors on a screen all summer. 

I suspect many of us who grew up in the suburbs “back in the day” spent a good part of the day in our above ground pools.   May be time to refresh your memory on how to chlorinate a pool, and how to play Marco Polo.  Here is a useful article entitled, “Pool Chlorine:  What It IS, How It Works, And How To Use It Effectively.”

Here are “24  Fun Swimming Pool Games” to keep you and your kids occupied: 

But first, good luck finding a pool!

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