Super Cuts, Super Safe

A friend said it best yesterday on Facebook: “I got a haircut appointment for next week! You’d think I won the lottery!”  I only had to wait 3 days.  That is after weeks of watching friends post photos of getting cuts and trims by spouses and kids (who learned the art by watching YouTube videos!). One friend described getting a haircut two weeks ago—when it was still permitted–by slipping in the back door (just after the owner was given a warning of a $5,000 fine if he let anyone else in!)

Today was my day.  Kelly arrived at 8:58 to open the place—for my 9 am appointment.  She had a busy day ahead. And many new safety procedures she and her fellow stylists now have to follow.  The customer has his or her temperature taken and is asked a series of questions about travel outside US within 14 days, exposure to Covid-19, etc.

The phone was ringing off the hook with customers begging to be “squeezed in.”  Kelly was busy putting on her mask and shield, cleaning chairs and door knobs, and preparing her first customer of the day.

Welcome to the new Super Cut!   Salons can only operate at half capacity, Kelly explains (3 chairs max out of the 6 chairs), tape on the floor indicates 6-foot distancing, no sitting in the waiting room (chairs are outside the store), door handles and chairs must be cleaned between customers, stylists must change masks—and work shirt—between customers.   And customer aprons are obviously fresh and clean for each customer.  Kelly is doing a LOT of additional laundry!   The place looks immaculate and I suspect it will remain this clean and spotless throughout the day.

I was impressed with Kelly’s good attitude.  Even with several stylists choosing not to come back to work, she is in a pleasant, chatty mood.  We discussed the challenges of her young kids learning at home, shopping for groceries during these challenging times, and extra precautions she takes, including changing out of her work clothes and shoes before going home.

Even with so many details to worry about at home and at work, Kelly and her colleagues remain sensitive to the needs of her customers.  She would have had no way of knowing of my deep professional and personal commitment to people with disabilities.  She spontaneously explained there is a special set up a procedure for cutting the hair of children with autism in these Covid-19 times. Kelly notes that they often don’t want to wear a mask.  So, there is a set up in a special room at the back of the store.  The stylist and parent wear masks; the child doesn’t.  The door and window are kept open, and everything is carefully cleaned after.

Thanks Kelly and Team Super Cuts! Keep up the good work.  See you next haircut!

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