One Silver Lining: So Much Great Disabilities Inclusion Content Online!


We are at the point in dealing w/Covid that we can speak about “silver linings.”  There are so many opportunities for professional growth and enrichment and continuing education, whatever field we are in.   Each day, there are webinars, lectures and podcasts for disabilities inclusion professionals and other interested people.  Some are “one shot deals” and others are offered as part of a series. 

There are even some coming up tonight and tomorrow—and there is still time to register!

 -Tonight at 9 pm ET!  Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School presents a program on “Deafness, Jewish Law, and Inclusion.” Rabbi Dov Linzer headlines the next “Changemakers” on Tuesday, July 14 at 9 p.m. The session will be closed-captioned for those who request it.

 -Tomorrow (July 15th) at 11:30 am ET:   Access Israel’s 3rd International Webinar on best practices and policies on accessibility and inclusion during these times

 -Each Tuesday at 1:30 pm ET, RespectAbility is offering a free online training series, Disability Access and Inclusion Training Series for Jewish Organizations and Activists “so they can learn how to welcome, respect and include people with disabilities from all backgrounds in the important work that they do.”  Today’s session, which was recorded and will soon be available on their website, was entitled, “How to Ensure Accessible Events: Both Live and Virtual Across All Platforms.” 

Upcoming events:

July 21 – “How to Ensure a Welcoming Lexicon, Accessible Websites and Social Media and Inclusive Photos”

August 4 – “How to Create and Implement Successful Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives”

August 11 – “How to Ensure Legal Rights and Compliance Obligations”

 Previous Trainings in the series included:  “Inclusion as a Jewish Value,” “How to Advance Disability Inclusion in Jewish Education,” and “How to Recruit, Accommodate and Promote Jewish Leaders with Disabilities for Paid Employment and Volunteer Leadership.”

 MATAN ran a four session series this summer, “Disability wisdom in Jewish Tradition.”

 The Ruderman Family Foundation is in season 3 of it “All Inclusive with Jay Ruderman” podcast

The Landscape podcast  It is “A podcast on people, programs and businesses changing the landscape for individuals with any type of disability.”

And my colleagues and friends, Shelly Christensen and Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer will host their 4th conversation this Thursday at 8 pm in “Everybody’s Welcome,” –“a new virtual conversation about disability inclusion from Inclusion Innovations and Whole Community Inclusion.”  In the upcoming episode, Shelly and Gabi share about their experiences on parenting, writing and spirituality–and what led them to become disability inclusion advocates.

Finally, we at the National Ramah Commission and the National Ramah Tikvah Network are gearing up for “Jewish Journeys: Tikvah’s Role In The Jewish Disability Narrative” on July 22 pm (8 pm ET).  It is a discussion about the growth and impact of Ramah’s Tikvah programs over the past fifty years, through the lens of Tikvah alumni, participants, and staff.

And please check out our Kol B’Ramah podcasts.  There is a new feature, Tikvah Impact Stories.  Check out the first one, where I interview the extraordinary Yishai Barth!

 There is so much wonderful content out there.  Please check some of them out!

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