When Flying Foxes Met Tikvah!

It is 8 pm Thursday in Boston, New York and Florida.  It is 7 pm in Chicago and Minneapolis.  It is 5 pm in Los Angeles.  And it is….10 am in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia!  Welcome to the first Flying Foxes and Tikvah Ramah Dance Party—with tunes, lighting, and special surprises like the Flying TIkvah Game Show!  How fun to bring participants from two large disabilities programs—for a night/afternoon/morning of fun.  96 people had a blast—and we are already planning our next activity.

I was contacted a few years ago by Flying Foxes CEO Dean Cohen. We met in New York—and in Melbourne—to learn about the Tikvah Programs at Camp Ramah, and about the Flying Foxes socialization and camp programs for people with disabilities across Australia.  I have subsequently had numerous in person and Zoom meetings with such amazing members of the team as Tayla, Ricki, Bianca and other.  Now it was time to try out their “crazy” idea—an international dance party!    It worked!

Some Tikvah participants on the east coast were winding down, while some in Australia woke up the next morning and already had their porridge!  DJ Ben played tunes and our worlds were expanded.  Zach from Ramah New England gave a great overview of American overnight 4 and 8 week camping—since the Australians only go to camp for a few days at a time. 

The fun trivia game tested knowledge of each other’s faraway countries. No, Australians don’t have kangaroos as pets.  Yes, Donald Trump is US president.  No, New Zealand and Australia are not attached.  Vegemite?!  Not so well known in America.   And preferences for dogs vs. cats do not break down by country!    

Check out the happy faces of 96 participants, staff members, Tikvah directors, and lead staff of Flying Foxes. It may be 16,662 km and 10,353 miles from Melbourne to New York, and Melbourne may be 14 hours ahead of New York time—but for one wonderful hour, our worlds were one!  

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