Best Webinars During Pandemic Are Short, Focused and Have Rich Content. Thank You, Dr. Stephen Shore!

Best Webinars During Pandemic Are Short, Focused and Have Rich Content.  Thank You, Dr. Stephen Shore!

Raise your hand if you are on your 100th educational webinar this pandemic!.   We are all getting smarter by the minute, thanks to an abundance of webinars, offered by so many wonderful organizations and individuals.   I have written about some in this blog.  I have learned from Temple Grandin, Next for Autism, Access Israel, RespectAbility and more.  Some last exact an hour (ideal), and some last up to five hours (with no built in bathroom break—arrgggg!),

Thank you, Shelly Christensen of Inclusion Innovations and Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer of Jewish Learning Venture for offering an awesome 29 minute, 53 second session with Dr. Stephen Shore on The 4 A’s of Autism—all part of the series, “Everyone’s Welcome: A Fresh Conversation About Disability.”  View it here

For more info on upcoming webinars, click here.

Dr. Shore is always engaging, informative and clear.  He is a professor of special education at Adelphi University and he is autistic himself.  He shared his story, then shared the 4 A’s—Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation and Action, and answered questions about employment, changing mindset about people with autism, and about the term autistic.   Enjoy!

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