Israel Connection

The Original Article Published On The Jerusalem Post

When Adam Bizonwaty visited Israel at age 8, he was afraid of everything.

“When my family went camel riding I stayed in the taxi cab crying. And I was terrified of the Dead Sea mud.”

Bitznowaty spoke with The Jerusalem Post by phone about his connection to Israel.

“I want to go back to Israel and take in more, and see everything.”

A future trip to the Holy Land would also allow Bitzonwaty to visit his grandmother and aunt, who still live in Israel. But his next trip may just have to wait.

While Biznowaty admits that he doesn’t know any Hebrew, he was able to figure out the correct spelling of the biblical verse from the Book of Exodus which appears on his left forearm.

“I looked it up, found how to write it, stenciled it, and found a tattoo artist to create it on me.”

Bizonwaty is likely to pick up Hebrew quickly when he has the time to learn it. He has an impressive college academic record and he is quick to learn complicated Giants plays. He graduated Pitt in only three years with a bachelor’s degree in communications, and he then completed a master’s degree in health and fitness.

As for his favorite Jewish experiences, Bisnowaty notes that “all of the Jewish holidays are great. The big thing is to be with the family!”

Despite his size and strength the new Giant admits he has never had Hagba (lifting the Torah after reading).

“Maybe I’ll do it one day,” he laughs.

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