Uriel’s Gifts: Part 3

So far, I have chosen to cover a given subject only once in this blog.  Some amazing people are worth two or even three mentions.  (Re) meet Uriel Levitt, artist, participant in Camp Ramah in New England’s Tikvah Program, and baal tzedakah (charitable person).  Uriel just raised over $1,400 through sales of a t-shirt he designed–to donate to four organizations he cares deeply about.

This is actually my third post about Uriel.  And he deserves it!

I am intentionally not hyperlinking these articles so readers can track the evolution and progress of Uriel’s project:



In short, Uriel, like most campers around the country, was sad when he learned that camp would be cancelled this summer due to concerns around Covid-19.  He had a lot of time on his hands as his job working in food services at the University of Maryland Hillel was shut down.  He got busy with his art and designed a t-shirt, showing the strength and love of the people inhabiting this planet during this challenging time.

Uriel and his family thought they’d sell 40 t-shirts.   His mother, Dina, reports, “It has morphed into something much bigger, beyond what we ever thought possible!  We placed an order for 210 shirts, and now people want us to place another order!  We are so proud of Uriel.”

Uriel and his parents wanted to express their gratitude to several organizations which have been providing online activities and events during this difficult Covid-time. Uriel is donating 50% of his profits to Camp Ramah New England, Friendship-Circle Maryland, Spirit Club, and VisAbility Art Lab.

So far, Uriel has raised over $1400 to donate to these amazing organizations!

I know Uriel from many years together at Camp Ramah in New England, and through his participation in the National Ramah Tikvah Network’s virtual vocational training program.  I am therefore delighted to learn that Uriel has so far raised $710.33 for Ramah Palmer!  These are tough times for our camps, and every donation helps. 

Uriel and his family demonstrate how far a little creativity and a lot of determination can go in helping others, and putting a smile on people’s faces.  Enjoy the photos below showing Uriel wearing, packaging and delivering the shirts—and note how happy the recipients are.

If you live in Montgomery County, MD, Uriel and family will personally deliver the shirt to you If you live elsewhere, don’t despair.  You can still order.  Shipping for free!

Use this link to order:  https://www.tinyurl.com/EarthStrongTshirtForm

They will send you an email confirming your order and with instructions on how to pay.

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