This Summer, Grab an RV and Go!

I have had RV travel on my mind since my trips to Wyoming and Colorado last summer.  Bill Morris, founder of Blue Star Recyclers, suggested I rent a Winnebego and drive cross country with a film crew– , “On the Road with Charles Kurault”-style, visiting creative job sites training and employing people with disabilities. 

I had stopped in Denver to visit several amazing job sites including Blue Star, an extraordinary computer recycling company (with locations in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and now Chicago):  They train and hire many young adults with disabilities to disassemble computers and other electronics for recycling. 

To date, I have visited and written about 23 job sites, from pizza stores, to car washes, breweries, book stores, sock companies and cafes.   I would LOVE to follow Bill’s suggestion and drive across this amazing country, visiting creative job sites.   This may not be the summer.

First, businesses are just now, slowly getting back on their feet, post COVID-19. Not sure I’d be able to visit and meet the founders and employees at the job sites I’d like to see.  Second, it is nearly impossible to rent or even buy an RV these days.   With people nervous about air travel and staying in hotels, the motor home offers the perfect travel solution—it is self-contained and has a kitchen, toilet and shower—not need for food in restaurants, or public bathrooms on the road.  According to a June 2nd article in the New York Post, “RV rentals have increased 1,000 percent since April, while RV sales jumped 600 percent in the same time period.”

Driving a 32-foot RV may not be everyone’s cup of tea—but it sure offers the chance for families with kids of all ages to have a great family adventure—seeing this beautiful country, being together, and finding a meaningful alternative to cancelled overnight camps.  (There are other camping options as well–from pop up campers to travel trailers).  Let me know how it goes—maybe next year will be my summer!

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